$15 Million Water Treatment Set to Open in Hardin Country | Local News


The Muldraugh water treatment plant is nearing completion.

During the Hardin County District #1 Board of Directors meeting, Daniel Clifford, Director of Engineering, reported on the condition of the plant and provided photos of the interior and exterior facilities, which are located in Fort Knox.

The plant received “substantial completion” status in February and has been in operation ever since.

“It’s a really nice setup,” Clifford said. “That’s up to 2022 standards and we should definitely expect 80 more years like last time.”

The project has been underway for about seven years and cost $15,273,526. The plant will produce over 7 million gallons per day.

A grand opening of the facility is scheduled for sometime in June or July.

General Manager Stephen Hogan said the district is currently looking at ways to offset certain aspects of operations that are not generating revenue margins and not breaking even.

He said management was preparing a proposal for rate studies for Radcliff sewer services. The study will likely cost around $100,000, be conducted by a consultant, and will likely take around three years.

From there, Hogan said there may be a rate adjustment for this service, but they are also considering other services in terms of rate adjustments to meet revenue margins.

He said the district is going through an “unprecedented” time in which services cost more and adjustments need to be made.


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