29 more hospitals come to WB for telemedicine stroke treatment


In a bid to provide timely treatment to stroke patients, another 29 hospitals have set up across West Bengal for specialized treatment through telemedicine consultations.

Appropriate treatment within four and a half hours of a stroke can reduce the patient’s risk. (Photo: Representative)

At least 29 more hospitals have sprung up across West Bengal for the specialized treatment of stroke patients through telemedicine consultations.

Kolkata’s public hospital, Bangur Institute of Neurosciences (BIN), was used as a hub for treating stroke patients who traveled to the district hospital under the telemedicine system. Seeing the success of the pilot project, 29 additional hospitals were added to the BIN. Implemented statewide, it has been decided that they will remain branch centers.


The health department recently launched the “Health Indications” project to reach remote areas of the district for medical services. Last December, ‘Tele Neuro medicine Brain Stroke Management’ was added to the project. With the addition of BIN, 11 district hospitals and one medical college provided round-the-clock service.

According to health department guidelines released on Friday, 29 other hospitals across the state, including medical schools, districts and subdivisions, have been included in the project. The new hospitals will have a nodal officer as well as three physicians and two CT technicians.

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