94-year-old man with incurable cancer refuses treatment to raise money for others


94-year-old man with incurable stomach cancer Doncaster declined the opportunity to undergo treatment for a fundraising challenge for the benefit of others.

Alan Bocking only had two months to live in August and pledged to walk every day for Macmillan cancer support, instead of undergoing chemotherapy.

He said he would rather have “quality of life” rather than “disrupt it with chemotherapy”.

Alan is a former Marine Commando who served in WWII, which he says made his decision not to continue chemotherapy any easier.

“You may or may not know that Hitler decreed that all commanders, whether they surrendered or not, would be shot,” he said.

“So in a sense, the day I was, the day I qualified for my Green Beret was a day that I was also sentenced to death. It was at 18. So in truth, There were times in a different environment where I did not expect you to be 19. So that was not a problem. “

Alan and his wife to whom he has been married for 68 years.

Alan has so far raised £ 16,000 for the cancer charity who described him as an inspiration.

Matt Goodwin, MacMillan Cancer Support, said: “There are approximately 179,000 people in Yorkshire living with cancer and Alan’s help will go a long way in helping people directly or indirectly affected by cancer as a out of two of us will be affected by cancer at some point in our lives.

Alan has three passions: the environment, caring for each other and the importance of exercise.

And he has this advice: “One of the greatest things in life, however you do it, is to try to be at peace with yourself, because if you are at peace with yourself yourself, you are at peace with everyone.

“I’m lucky to have found it. I am at peace with myself and therefore have no bad thoughts against another human being on Earth.”

Alan will be celebrating his 95th birthday tomorrow (January 5th) and there is no doubt that he is an inspiration to everyone he meets as he continues his fundraising journey.


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