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In an installation from Part 2 of Glynis Hodgekinson’s Personal History of Recovery and Healing on “Teen Insight Hour” on KHTS, Frederik Schulin, CEO of the Insight Treatment Center for Adolescents and Their Families, continued the dialogue where they had stopped when Glynis was about 14 years old.

Insight Treatment Center is a local intensive outpatient treatment center in Santa Clarita for teens and their families struggling with mental health issues, addictions and more. A place focused on healing throughout the family and creating a community focused on healing together, Insight Treatment and her team want to help guide families toward reconciliation and connection.

Glynis Hodgekinson has gone through many hardships in her life, including her intense struggle with drug addiction as a young teenage girl. Between separation from her parents, exposure to drugs at a very young age, and a loving father who just didn’t know what to do, Glynis fell into the black hole of addiction.

Now completely sober and director of admissions for Divinity Recovery, Glynis’ story picks up in this episode when she was 14 years old. At that time, she was completely addicted to drugs.

Due to her addiction, Glynis quickly lost a lot of weight and failed in school. Her father, the only relative in her household, believed in Glynis’ lies and she felt trapped and alone in her shame.

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She didn’t know where to start and felt that no one would understand her or be able to help her.

This feeling of isolation is not uncommon among adolescents, especially when they are faced with personal or family difficulties. Whether it’s addiction, mental illness, or a difficult change, people often feel lonely and like there is no one to talk to or relate to.

During Insight Treatment, teens and parents connect with a community to help them support and encourage them, while receiving tips and advice on how to heal their families.

Sadly, Glynis did not partner with a recovery community and continued to fight on his own. She eventually fell so deep into her addiction that she ran away from home before being arrested after buying drugs and being charged with impaired driving. She was sentenced to serve time in a juvenile detention center which had extremely strict rules and required obedience.

She was released from the juvenile detention center to a halfway house where she continued to learn routine, structure and boundaries, while being surrounded by other girls her age with whom she could connect and relate. identify.

Glynis reflects that before being arrested, she admitted that she would not be able to get out of the addiction, that she would need an outside intervention, probably from the police.

When she was arrested, she remembers being both upset and relieved because she knew she would be forced to recover.

Getting out of the system and returning to her father’s home at almost 18 was a difficult transition, and Glynis wishes she had been in touch with a community close to her home with which she could establish support and accountability, people of its age as opposed to fully developed adults.

This is one of the great benefits of the Insight Treatment Center for teens and their families. It is a community of other teens and parents who understand what their peers are going through, both for parents and teens.

Having a community to support and encourage will make all the difference in recovery and reconciliation. It is possible, and it is happening right here in Santa Clarita.

To reach out and see if Insight Treatment is the answer for your family, visit their website by clicking here.

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