A restaurant worker tried to use a fake Spanish ID to get NHS treatment


A WOMAN who tried to enter the country illegally used a fake ID to try to gain access to NHS treatment.

Stelina Resuli used a fake Italian passport to try to enter the UK in 2019, but after being discovered by border forces she applied for permission to stay and was sent to a hostel.

However, she fled and “went to the ground”, eventually surfacing in Malmesbury while living in a flat above a restaurant on Oxford Street.

The Albanian national, who fled her home country after being threatened by a former boyfriend to get into the sex trade, paid 300 euros for a fake Spanish identity card, the court said on Wednesday. Crown of Swindon.

Resuli used the identity card to try to get NHS treatment, while she also worked at La Campagna, an Italian restaurant in Malmesbury, for six months, prosecutor Rob Welling said.

She was arrested in April after a joint immigration and police operation.

Her solicitor, Alex Daymond, told the court: ‘She felt she had no time to apply through the normal channels.

After pleading guilty to one count of possessing an ID with ill intent, she was jailed for three months at a hearing on Wednesday, while her now boyfriend, Elvis Kacani, was put behind bars for four months on Friday May 20.

He had admitted one count of possessing an identity document with improper intent, one count of possessing improperly obtained identity documents and one count of working while disqualified due to his status as a immigrant.

The same courthouse learned on this occasion that the 29-year-old, who also lived on Oxford Street in Malmesbury, had used one of two false documents – an Italian identity card and an Italian driving license – to get work in La Campagna.

Sentencing Resuli, Judge Jason Taylor QC said on Wednesday: ‘Your story is a familiar one and the court is not indifferent to people who may seek to leave their home country.

“But the fact is that you will understand the seriousness of these accusations.

“Your co-defendant has been convicted [on Friday]he was in a slightly more serious position than you.

The 22-year-old’s three-month sentence will end “in the not too distant future”, taking into account the time she has spent in police custody since her arrest.

The same is likely true for Kacani, Mr. Welling said ahead of the hearing.


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