A thug left his ex-partner in need of hospital treatment after beating her with a stick


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Terry Gray carried out the attack in the early hours of the morning, which required his victim to be hospitalized.

The 36-year-old, who has seven previous convictions to his name, has now received a ten-year restraining order against the woman.

Nicoleta Alistari, prosecuting, said: “The complainant was the defendant’s partner at the time of the offence.

The case was heard at Newcastle Crown Court.

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“She and the defendant had a difficult relationship until the time of the offence.

“On January 15, 2021, she called 999. She said she had been ‘brazed’ by her ex-partner with a stick and was bleeding profusely.

“She had blood pouring from her head. She was taken by the officer to A&E where her wound was cleaned.”

Gray, of Harwood Drive in Houghton, pleaded guilty to assault causing actual bodily harm.

Judge Timothy Gittins told him: “It was a serious assault. It was serious because he was using a weapon.

“You both had your drinking problems, it’s fair to say. That’s not an excuse, it doesn’t minimize the violence, in fact it makes it worse.

“It was serious because it was in his own house and the level of injury from the stick you used was a split in the head which no doubt required stitches.

“You were hitting a vulnerable part of someone’s body.

“But I have to keep in mind the flip side, that you have no prior convictions for violence of any kind.”

The judge sentenced Gray to an 18-month community order as well as ten days of rehabilitation days.

He added: “Usually I would send you to jail, but I have to consider two things.

“First of all, you were put under a curfew for 470 days without issue. That would mean he would take off about eight months from any sentence I would impose.”

The judge also had in mind his plea and the need to work with probation.

Jane Waugh, defending Gray, said: “The defendant is relatively lightly convicted.

“It was a difficult relationship. He fully accepts that he is wrong in what he did.”


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