Beant Singh murder: Delhi HC orders prison authorities to provide treatment to Jagtar Singh Hawara at AIIMS


The Delhi High Court has ordered Tihar Prison authorities to provide neurological examination and treatment to Jagtar Singh Hawara at the All India Institutes of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). Hawara is sentenced to life in the case of the assassination of former Punjab chief minister Beant Singh and is serving a life sentence in Tihar prison. He suffers from a few neurological issues and had moved to the High Court for treatment at a private hospital.

Judge Yashwant Varma, after seeing the situation report and list of hospitals, on Wednesday ordered Tihar prison authorities to take Hawara to AIIMS for examination and treatment in the neurological department. The High Court also ordered authorities to ensure that all justified medical procedures were undertaken with the shipment. Authorities must further ensure that all safety protocols are adhered to, the order says.

Jagtar Singh Hawara has filed a petition in the High Court asking the prison warden to provide him with treatment at a private hospital of his choice. He has also agreed to bear the costs of processing and security. Lead attorneys Maninder Singh and Aekta Vats said on Hawara’s behalf that he was sentenced to life and held in a high-risk ward of Tihar prison for 26 years. He suffers from a clot in the upper right part of his head located near his forehead.

Hawara was arrested along with his other accomplices after the assassination of Beant Singh. In 2004, he escaped from Burail prison by digging a tunnel and was arrested again in June 2005. Hawara was sentenced to death on July 27, 2007 for the murder of the deceased former chief minister of Punjab in a bomb blast in Chandigarh on August 31, 1995. Beant Singh served as Chief Minister of Punjab from 1992 to 1995.

The lawyers had further argued that the applicant needed immediate treatment and prayed that the operation would be carried out in a private hospital. The applicant is prepared to incur the expense of such treatment as well as transportation and security arrangements therefor. The bench had ordered the prison authorities to file a report on the applicant’s state of health. After reading and hearing the submission, the bench had ordered authorities to provide a list of public hospitals that have neurological treatment facilities.

Prison authorities produced a list of four hospitals including AIIMS. Lawyers who appeared for the claimant argued that the patient would be satisfied if the required examination and procedure were undertaken at AIIMS Hospital. The petition stated that the petitioner Hawara had been sentenced to death by the Chandigarh court in the case filed by CBI. Later, the death sentence was commuted to life imprisonment with the instruction that he “shall not be released from prison until the remainder of his life.” (ANI)

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