Bojan Krkic ‘blames’ Barca for their treatment of Ibrahimovic


It’s been almost 13 years since Zlatan Ibrahimovic landed at the Camp Nou as a new player from a Barcelona who came to win everything. However, his career in the club is remembered in a vague way unlike other footballers who if they marked a period inside the city Condal. Now ex-Barcelona staff Bojan Krkic has made some statements for ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’, where the Swedish ‘star’ stage speech by the institution and the present of Xavi Hernandez as a coach.

At first, expressed his wish that ‘Ibra’ continues playing for more time and words that devoted him when he was crying was a boy. “I expect him to play a couple more seasons, he’s a phenomenon. When I think of him, it comes to me in order the speech that he gave me recently arrived in Barcelona. I was twenty, he was already Zlatan. He didn’t know me, so he called me to the locker room and started giving me confidence“said the striker.

He also mentioned how he would define Ibrahimovic in words and how difficult it was to measure against him in every training. “My friends always ask me for a comment or sum up their ‘I’ in a few words. I say ‘big heart’. And then, well, each part of training was a challenge that had to be won at all costsbut it already knows that,” added Bojan.

Close to finalizing, the relation of the Swedish ariete with Pep Guardiola stood out. “Anyone can speak ill of Ibra. I think he had no duty to respect this year, also because he scored decisive goals on all sides. When it came time to push, it was tough, yes, but he never missed the heart. It was and always will be an example“, condemned the striker, clearly leaving his point of view on the deal received by the now AC Milan player.

Xavi’s arrival

Finally, he emphasized the importance that Xavi will have within the Barça staff and the ‘manita’ at Real Madrid in 2011. “He knows the Camp Nou like the palm of his hand. touch player.It was impossible to take the ball away from him.In the locker room amused with pranks. The election to put him in charge of the team paid off. Barça will come back to revive . At that time were the strongest in the world and everyone knew it. Mourinho’s Real Madrid too. Scoring five goals is never easy, but made the party perfect. Barça was not a team, but a selection”, concluded that of Liñola.


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