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Cancer brings unimaginable hardship to patients, but when the medical fraternity voices their inability to provide a lasting treatment option, the suffering becomes even more traumatic. Therefore, thousands of the best minds in the field of medicine are working tirelessly to develop better cancer treatment options. And some of them have also made huge progress.

Recently, a California-based startup received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to use “microscale robots” to inject cancer drugs directly into brain tumors in patients. pediatrics and adults, according to a report from Xpress Medical. They plan to start clinical trials by 2023.

This method of cancer treatment can be used to treat Huntington’s disease, which affects a group of neurons deep in the brain. The treatment of malignant brainstem gliomas – previously thought to be inoperable – may also become possible with this method.

This new technique uses “Bionauts” – tiny robots a few millimeters long filled with specific doses of anti-cancer drugs – inserted via catheters into the spine. Surgeons can control these bionauts by using magnetic fields to enter the brain or spinal cord and deliver the drugs to the tumor site. A set of magnets placed on the outside creates a magnetic field that the doctor can control to push the devices into the affected area of ​​the brainstem. When ready, another magnetic signal activates drug ejection.

The Bionaut system allows surgeons to use less damaging angles of approach through the gray matter of the brain and avoid opening the skull to reach the target area. Devices can be removed from the entry point.

“Today most brain surgeries and brain interventions are limited to straight lines. If you don’t have a straight line to the target, you’re stuck, you won’t get there,” said Michael Shpigelmacher , CEO of Bionaut Labs – the organization that hopes to bring this form of treatment to market.

Traditional forms of cancer treatment use radiation therapy and surgery, a process that can be devastating for young patients. However, if the Bionaut process is successful, it could also be used to safely treat Dandy-Walker syndrome, a rare brain malformation that affects children. The company has conducted in vivo trials in large animals such as sheep and pigs, with resulting data indicating the procedure is safe for humans, Shpigelmacher said.

The company has received funding from many investors to advance its research. “We’re excited to bring Bionaut Labs out of stealth mode because it typifies the type of impactful new tech companies we love helping build,” said Vinod Khosla, founder of Khosla Ventures – a company that has invested $20 million in technology. business last year.

Bionaut Labs has also had discussions with partners about using its technology to treat other brain conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy and stroke.


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