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Updated: 07 Nov 2022 14:41

George Scott-Smith, a Bermudian living in the US, calls on the public to help him fight stage 4 prostate cancer (file photo)

A father of three who is battling bone and lung cancer has organized a fundraiser to pay for an experimental treatment.

George Scott-Smith, 56, said he had been battling prostate cancer since 2019 and discovered in January that it had metastasized throughout his body.

Now he hopes to raise $35,000 to try a treatment in Turkey that could save his life.

Mr Scott-Smith, a Bermudian living in the United States, said: “Anything I can do to beat him, I will do. I’m in stage 4 right now and I’m in the severe stage where you can’t just sit and watch it consume you.

“I would love to hang out and watch my kids grow up.”

Mr Scott-Smith, who grew up in Bermuda but moved to Georgia in 2004, was speaking after his GoFundMe page raised $3,455 in about a month.

He planned to go to the ChemoThermia oncology center in Istanbul, Turkey, where he could receive metabolism-assisted chemotherapy, which combines radiation therapy with dietary changes to lower the metabolic rates of tumors.

Mr. Scott-Smith said the processing fee would cost more than $30,000.

He added that although the treatment is experimental, he was optimistic about its effectiveness.

Mr Scott-Smith said he was told cancer would have been “a death sentence” a decade ago – but now, thanks to experimental treatments, he had a fighting chance.

He added: “I had chosen to do [metabolically-supported chemotherapy] because I saw the testimonies of people who had been treated there.

“I had spoken with the doctors – we had consultations with the doctors via FaceTime calls – and they said they could definitely help me.”

To stay positive

Stacey Burt, Mr Smith’s sister, who runs his GoFundMe, said she helped raise $9,800 when her brother was first diagnosed with cancer.

But she added that it was all used up by the time the cancer metastasized and forced her to extend the goal to $45,000.

Ms Burt said that, although she was unsure if they would achieve their goal, “I’m just trying to stay positive”.

She said: “He is currently in a lot of pain and he will do anything to get rid of it.

“Even through his pain, he is always positive.

“He feels strongly that if he can go there [ChemoThermia]he will be fine.

Mr Scott-Smith said he was diagnosed with prostate cancer in April 2019 but added that because of his Seventh-day Adventist faith he had tried to stay away from medicine “traditional” in favor of “holistic” options to treat the disease.

Mr Scott-Smith added that he initially turned to surgery and chemotherapy but delayed treatments to better manage his type I diabetes.

He explained: “My doctor said my diabetes had to be under control before she could even be allowed to do surgery.

“After finding out I had cancer, I had to wait five weeks before the operation.”

Mr Scott-Smith added: ‘A month after finding out I had it, I gave up surgery and decided to stick with holistic treatments.

“The holistic treatments were basically herbal remedies and juices and greens every day.”

Mr Scott-Smith said he learned in January that his cancer had spread from his prostate to his bladder, lungs, bones and spine.

He added that he was also diagnosed with shingles in September and was in severe pain from spinal tumors and the viral illness.

Asked if he thought holistic treatments worked, Mr Scott-Smith said: ‘Let me put it this way – there are many very powerful herbal remedies out there, but I had no not the funding to get these herbs.

“If you want to go holistic, you have to hit hard and you can’t slack off.”

Besides chemotherapy, Scott-Smith said he was looking for alternating electric field therapy in West Palm Beach, Florida to ward off the cancer.

Mr Scott-Smith said his biggest priority was to live long enough to be there for his 13-year-old son, Christian, as well as his six-year-old twins, Joshua and Jonathan, and his wife, Lorraine.

He added: “Right now I’m doing everything I can to keep him at bay and keep fighting.”


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