Cancer survivors in Imo call for early diagnosis and treatment – ​​The Sun Nigeria


Some cancer survivors in Imo have called for early diagnosis and treatment of the disease to increase patients’ chances of survival.

The survivors made the appeal on Friday during an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on the sidelines of a cancer awareness program in Owerri.

The program was organized by the Federal Medical Center in Owerri, in collaboration with some NGOs.

One of the survivors, Mrs. Florence Chibueze, told NAN that early diagnosis and treatment are fundamental to beating cancer.

“I was diagnosed early with the disease; I stayed on the wheelchair with oxygen support for two months while undergoing chemotherapy.

“I thank my doctors and family members for detecting the disease in time and taking timely measures to support me,” she said.

Another survivor, Mr Chukwuma Etonyeaku, a retired teacher, urged members of the public to undergo regular health checks.

“The days are over when cancer was a death sentence. We just have to catch it early enough and get the right treatment,” he said.

Also speaking to NAN, Mr. Patrick Opara, father of a five-year-old survivor, said his daughter is in the final stages of maintenance.

“We are able to go this far thanks to the early diagnosis of his condition. We have to be serious with our health by getting regular checkups,” he said.

In a lecture titled: “Bridging the Care Gap: Surviving the Future” earlier, Dr. Darmian Oparaocha, a physician, urged cancer patients not to patronize charlatans.

He said cancer patients who took the necessary measures early had a huge chance of survival.

Oparaocha warned against the activities of charlatans posing as medical experts, saying, “it’s a disservice to humanity.”

In her address, the President of the Imo Chapter of the Nigerian Cancer Society, Dr. Rita Okeredi, urged governments at all levels to subsidize cancer treatment.

Okeredi also called for stakeholder collaboration to make cancer vaccines more available to ensure prevention. (NOPE)


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