Chelsea Clinton deleted Kanye’s music for Kim’s treatment


Chelsea Clinton has removed Kanye’s music from her workout playlist due to her behavior towards Kim Kardashian during her relationship with Pete Davidson. Talk to Weekly Entertainment, Chelsea said: “I had to give up on Kanye, because I just can’t. Just the way he treated Kim Kardashian, the way he talked about women is unconscionable to me. It was some of my favorite racing music. And I deleted it from my music library.”

Kim is actually featured in an upcoming episode of Chelsea and Hillary Clinton’s new documentary series entrailsy, so clearly she’s on good terms with the (occasional) Clinton family.

“I have long admired Kim’s commitment to criminal justice reform,” Chelsea added. “I knew she had gone to law school. I knew she was deeply committed to these issues and to the individual efforts of incarcerated people to reduce their sentences or commute their sentences entirely. But to hear her talk about how it’s such a big part of who she is, how she thinks about being a celebrity, how she thinks about where her fame can help and where it can hurt… J I was just really impressed with how important not only that is to her, but how important it is to her definition of who she is.”

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Meanwhile, Kim and Kanye seem to be on better terms these days. A source recently said We Weekly that “Kim and Kanye have been co-parenting very well lately”, adding that “They are very civil with each other and at the moment there are no problems. They are both treating each other with a mutual respect.”

Kim also spoke about their improved relationship on Today, saying “It’s going great” and that on Father’s Daddy “The kids spent the day with it, and then we had a big Father’s Day dinner and North kitchen.”


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