Cobb County Drug Treatment Court Highlights New Incentives to Encourage Program Success


Cobb County published a press release on its website which highlights a new incentive program called “A-Team” to encourage successful completion of the Cobb Superior Court Drug Treatment Court. The A-Team is a recognition of outstanding participants.

The new schedule also names a weekly MVP.

the Cobb County Board of Commissioners recently presented a proclamation recognizing May as National Drug Court Month.

The Drug Treatment Court is one of four in Cobb County liability courts set up to provide an alternative to incarceration for non-violent offenders whose offense is better dealt with with treatment and counselling, rather than more punitive measures such as incarceration.

The press release described the Drug Treatment Court as follows:

The intensive program, tailored to criminal offenders who are generally non-violent, lasts a minimum of two years and aims to address an individual’s underlying addictions and return them to a productive member of society while reducing the costs of incarceration. Accountability courts provide intensive treatment for substance use disorders and use incentives and sanctions to modify behavior.

“We set aside this month to raise awareness that drug courts save lives, reunite families, reduce crime and save money,” program coordinator Porsha Middlebrook said in the press release. . “Drug Courts Work!”

According to the press release, nearly 700 people have graduated from the program and 30 people are currently participating in one of the the five phases of the program.

Participant DW, 29, from Powder Springs, said in the press release, “The addition of the A-Team has brought so much life to the program. It gives people a chance to be recognized for the accomplishments and milestones they have reached towards their ultimate goal of graduating and staying sober.

Director Jennifer Tillery oversees all of Cobb’s liability courts, including Mental Health Court and Veterans Court.

“We are truly committed to ensuring that everything we do at Drug Treatment Court is up to date, efficient and meets or exceeds national standards,” Tillery said. “We use evidence-based treatment protocols to ensure that our participants receive treatment that works and will allow them to continue their recovery long after graduation.”

About tort courts

Documents distributed by the Cobb County Superior Court describe Cobb’s four courts of liability as follows:

Cobb Superior Court has four such courts: Drug Treatment Courtwhich includes both regular and intermediate runs; Veterans Accountability and Treatment Tribunal; mental health court; and Parental Responsibility Court. Various county and state offices work with judges and staff to operate individual liability courts.

The objective of the responsible court program is to provide an alternative to incarceration for people who need counseling and treatment rather than punishment.

Judge Kimberly Childs presides over the Drug Treatment Court and Judge Ann B. Harris leads the Parental Responsibility Court.


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