Comic Book Characters That Still Need The Video Game Treatment


Founded in 1992 by veterans of the comics industry looking for more control over their creations, Picture Comics quickly becomes a hotbed of creativity. While DC and Marvel offered only minor compensation for creating a character, Image Comics allowed the original creator to own the rights to their characters, with no outside partner able to play with the creative direction of the comic.

It was a huge draw for Image Comics, which quickly saw famous talents like Robert Kirkman and Brian K. Vaughan come in to contribute. With the creative freedom given to Image, comic book writers and illustrators were able to work on whatever they were passionate about, which quickly led to several successful comic book series featuring a host of complex and relatable characters. A few of them would have great video game experiences.


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Spawn Movie Blumhouse Reboot

While Spawn is no stranger to the world of video games, it’s been a long time since the character was centered in his own title; the last Spawn-centered game being Appearance: Armageddon in 2003. Since then, Spawn has appeared as a fighter in both the soulcalibur series and mortal combat. With a reboot movie well underway, it’s time for Spawn to get his own modern video game.

Albert Francis Simmons, a highly trained CIA agent, is brutally killed by his partner at the will of his director. Arriving in Hell, Francis makes a deal with the devil Malebolgia to see his wife one last time in exchange for becoming a Hellspawn. When Francis returns to Earth, five years have passed and his wife is gone. Francis seeks a new purpose in life, leading him to take on the role of Spawn’s anti-hero and lead a crusade against organized crime throughout New York City.

Spawn’s relatively simple origin, along with his vast array of spectral and necromorphic powers, make him a perfect video game character. With a symbiotic suit that regularly gets “makeovers” in the comics, enhanced with new powers and weapons over time, Spawn already fits naturally into the video game world. Spawn’s suit also consumes its victims’ souls and stores their energy for its powers, which resembles a video game mechanic.

Spawn’s superhuman strength, need to consume souls for immortality, shapeshifting and teleportation abilities, and martial arts skills would make him the perfect playable character. Combine that with a dynamic rogues gallery and a Spawn video gaming seems like an obvious opportunity, no matter what style of play he would use.


the invincible guardians of the globe could make an interesting video game

Rising in popularity since the Amazon Prime show debuted, the titular hero of Invincible would make a great video game character. With powers very similar to DC’s Man of Steel, Invincible’s flight, superhuman strength, and superspeed are abilities that belong in a video game.

Corn Invincible has a lot more to offer than a protagonist with wish-granting powers. Much of the first volume of Invincible centers on the new hero finding his feet in a superhero world, learning to control his powers from his Superman-like father Omni-Man. It’s the perfect setting for the start of a video game, with the player learning the ropes in a tutorial that teaches gameplay while cementing the fundamental relationship between Mark and his father..

As the potential game continues, other mechanics could be added, such as a squad system for when Invincible joins Team Teen so the player can command other heroes like Atom Eve and Rex Splode. If the game used the same narrative as the Amazon show, some climactic boss fights could be epic in gameplay and emotion, delivering a mature game.

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Kick ass


While the first Kick ass movie felt like a breath of fresh air at the time, the second one didn’t really have much of an impact, leaving the character and the show in the dark for a few years. With the news that original director Matthew Vaughn is returning to reboot the franchise, maybe it’s time for Kick-Ass to get its own video game.

Using the unique, down-to-earth tone and humor of comics, a Kick ass video game could easily stand out from other superhero games. From a gameplay perspective, a simple Arkham the serial clone might work for a Kick ass title, as the character primarily uses hand-to-hand and hand-to-hand combat. If the game wanted to be a little more ambitious, it could offer cooperative gameplay, allowing a second player to jump in as Hit-Girl or Red Mist.

Alana and Marko from Saga

Saga Cartoon Game

The visual, narrative and emotional masterpiece Saga finally returns after a long hiatus, and a narrative game featuring Alana and Marko could be excellent. Although there is combat in the comics, its story is the main focus, so a third-person action game wouldn’t quite match the tone or nature of the source material.

Instead, a Saga The game could take inspiration from Telltale’s episodic game series and use point-and-click gameplay to deliver the comic book narrative in an interactive way. The game could mimic the unique art style of the comic book, giving it an instant leg up on other contemporary point-and-click titles. It could also break out of Alana and Marko’s story, using the character jumping nature of the comics to switch playable characters between chapters. This would help keep the story fresh while introducing new world-building elements that are vital to Sagaof storytelling, one of the most remarkable elements of Picture Comics‘ library.

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