Compulsory treatment order for a man who entered the condo unit twice in one night


SINGAPORE – A man and his wife were sleeping soundly in the wee hours of October 30, 2019 when they were awakened by a noise coming from one of the bathrooms in their downstairs condominium apartment.

Worried, the man went to investigate and found his door locked. He heard someone inside come out the window and then called the police.

On Wednesday January 12, the intruder, Joshua Lim Zi Yi, was sentenced to an 18-month mandatory treatment order after the 23-year-old admitted a single charge of trespassing on a house overnight.

A second charge of criminal trespassing into a separate unit within the same condominium was considered for Lim’s conviction. Court documents did not indicate what his profession was.

A mandatory treatment order is a community sentencing option available to offenders with a mental disorder who contributed to the offense.

Deputy District Attorney (DPP) Keith Thirumaran told court that Lim was driving home along Mount Emily Road around 2 a.m. on the night of the incident, after drinking alcohol.

He walked through the condo and climbed into the unit through the washroom window. It was not clarified why Lim chose the complainant’s house.

That’s when the owners of the unit were awoken by the intrusion, but by the time the man got to the bathroom door, Lim had already gone upstairs.

Lim did not leave the scene, but rather entered the house through the kitchen window, said DPP Thirumaran.

Realizing that the intruder was now in the kitchen, the owners of the house turned on the lights and traveled there to investigate.

Knowing that he had been discovered, Lim escaped through the same window he entered and returned home.

A check by the couple revealed that although their items had been moved, nothing had been stolen or damaged.

Before the resident called the police, he spoke to the condominium security team and discovered that Lim had also entered another unit in the estate.

Summarizing the findings of a mandatory treatment report on Wednesday, DPP Thirumaran said Lim suffered from “persistent depressive disorder … which was contributory to his criminal behavior.”

As such, the prosecutor requested the mandatory 18-month order, which Lim’s lawyer, Audrey Koo of Populus Law, did not object to.

For breaking into a house at night, Lim could have been sentenced to three years in prison and fined.


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