Conservatives mourn federal government’s treatment of ‘senior citizen’ Peter Navarro


Former Trump adviser and chief trade officer Peter Navarro was arrested on Friday after being charged with two counts of contempt of Congress for quashing a House committee subpoena on Jan. 6.

Navarro said he was stopped at a DC-area airport before a scheduled flight to Nashville, Tennessee. While in court and when speaking to reporters outside afterwards, he complained about his treatment, which he said included being handcuffed and “shackles to the legs”.

“Who are these people? This is not America,” Navarro told the court. the Office of Special Counsel in 2020 recommended disciplinary action against Navarro after finding that he had repeatedly violated the Hatch Act.)

Once Navarro’s pity fest made the rounds on TV and online, several conservative figures weighed in with similar rebukes.

On Jesse Watters in prime timeTrump’s former aide, Stephen Miller, began by asserting that “everything [Democrats] font is targeted against everyday, hard-working, law-abiding, rule-abiding Americans.

Watters chimed in, bringing the discussion back to Navarro: “You can come in and smash and grab a bunch of jewelry and then they’ll reserve you in about ten minutes. But if you’re Peter Navarro, they’ll literally pull you out of a plane, chain you up, and throw you into the brig.

Navarro, Miller replied eagerly, “is an old person, and apparently they feared he was overpowering them, but for shackling his legs so he couldn’t run off and out of the courthouse, a threat known for public safety.”

“But the gangsters,” Miller continued, “who are in and out of the system all their adult lives, beating people up, threatening people, breaking into their homes, selling drugs, murdering our kids — they are just in and out of a revolving door. No bail, no remand, nothing at all.

On Newsmax, meanwhile, ex-councillor Jason Miller expressed similar displeasure.

“They went to arrest him and handcuff him?” Miller says incredulous. “I mean, it’s Peter Navarro. He’s an economist. He’s a doctor. You see he’s a very serious guy, very buttoned up, and you’re going to handcuff him?

Miller then dismissed the case as politically motivated, just as many have in Trump’s orbit when someone close to them faces the legal system they sought to avoid.

“How do you view this and don’t you think this is just a witch hunt on anyone who has anything to do with President Trump,” he said, “or anyone who might have anything to do with President Trump in the future?”

Several tweets from conservative figures also challenged Navarro’s arrest.

“The brutal tactics of the DOJ are disgusting!” wrote former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee.

“Did the police put Nancy Pelosi’s drunken husband in shackles and shackles before [he] has been arrested? Asking for #PeterNavarro”, added Todd Starnes, Fox News radio host.

The criticisms of Bernie Moreno, a former Republican candidate for the Ohio Senate seat, echoed those of Stephen Miller.

“If that’s true, it should be of concern to every American how the left is willing/able to weaponize the justice system against their opponents,” he said. wrote. “Compare the way Navarro is treated with the felons released daily in major American cities.”

Additionally, periodic Fox News guest and legal scholar Jonathan Turley concluded a thread about Navarro’s indictment with this takeaway: “I also don’t understand why it was necessary [to] carrying Navarro in handcuffs rather than allowing a voluntary surrender. Navarro was in court challenging that subpoena on constitutional grounds and was not a flight risk.


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