COVID-19 patients can go to local hospitals for treatment: The DONG-A ILBO

Patients with COVID-19 can go to local hospitals or oriental clinics to treat medical issues, such as broken bones or injuries. They will be temporarily allowed out for medical treatment even though they are in quarantine after testing positive for COVID-19.

The Central Headquarters for Disasters and Security Countermeasures announced on Tuesday its plan to expand outpatient treatment centers for COVID-19 patients undergoing treatment at home, which allows all hospitals and clinics wishing to treat COVID patients -19 to receive them. Existing outpatient treatment centers are mostly respiratory hospitals, making it difficult to treat COVID-19 patients for other illnesses.

If COVID-19 patients on home treatment wish to receive face-to-face treatment, they can go to hospitals designated as outpatient treatment centers. They must contact a hospital in advance to schedule a visit and cannot visit places other than the hospital. In principle, a designated person must obtain the drugs prescribed by a pharmacist on behalf of the patient.

Even if COVID-19 patients visit an outpatient treatment center, they can only get a prescription for a COVID-19 pill when they have been treated for illnesses related to COVID-19. For example, if a COVID-19 patient sees a dermatologist for burns, they cannot get a prescription for a COVID-19 pill.

Hospitals and clinics wishing to register as an outpatient treatment center must set a specific time slot or set up a separate area for COVID-19 patients. All hospitals and clinics, including Oriental clinics, are qualified to register. Hospital-level medical institutions can apply to the Health Insurance Examination and Assessment Service starting Wednesday, and clinical-level medical institutions can do so starting next Monday. They will be authorized to treat COVID-19 patients from the day of the request. The list of hospitals and clinics designated as outpatient treatment centers can be viewed on the website of the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service (

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