Did Kenyan President Kenyatta pay for MP Ruto’s ‘HIV treatment’? No, the front page of a newspaper has been tampered with


An image that appears to be making headlines in Kenya’s Star newspaper claims the country’s president has paid the bill for his deputy’s HIV treatment.

The headline reads: “Wamalwa: Uhuru paid for Ruto’s HIV treatment.”

Eugene Wamalwa is a Kenyan politician and the Cabinet Secretary for Defence. Uhuru Kenyatta is the country’s president and William Ruto is his number two.

A sentence under the title adds: “DP [deputy president] Ruto has a rare aggressive strain of HIV and attended clinical sessions in Turkey paid for by the president. »

Ruto is pictured with a blood pressure monitor on his upper arm.

The page, dated July 14, 2022, gives the reason why Kenyans should pay attention to the story: “As a sitting DP, Ruto’s health is a matter of national concern.”

The once cordial relationship between Kenyatta and Ruto has broken down. Kenyatta will leave office after the August elections and, together with Wamalwa, support the former enemy Raila Odinga as his successor.

Ruto is also in the race to succeed his boss.

The front page was also published here, here, here and here.

During the campaigns leading up to the elections, the country’s media landscape was plagued with a wave of fake stories.

But did the newspaper really run such a sensational story in its July 14 issue?

First page made

Searching the Star’s e-paper section, we discovered that the July 14 edition had a different title. This section shows how the newspaper appeared in print that day.

The title of the legitimate front page of July 14, 2022 is: “KU land battle linked to hospital control”.

KU is Kenyatta University, which has been in the public eye due to an earthly saga that took place in Kenyatta.

Rejected by the newspaper

The star, on her checked Twitter account and the Facebook page, called the supposed first page fake.

“If it’s not on our official pages, it’s FAKE! Get the real copy by visiting http://mgazeti.com,” the newspaper wrote on Twitter.


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