Doctors in the region support two new treatment options for Covid-19 | Regional News from Lehigh Valley


Two new treatment options will soon be available at local hospitals and pharmacies.

The FDA recently approved an injection or infusion option along with an antibody pill to help fight Covid-19.

“Monoclonal antibodies target the spike protein on the outside of the virus and they need to be given as an injection or infusion while oral antivirals are pills, they can be taken and target different parts of the cycle. life of the virus, ”said Dr. Ryan Bariola, director of infectious diseases, UPMC.

Dr Ryan Bariola and Dr Pablo Tebas are both infectious disease specialists.

They say these options work best on patients with mild symptoms and on first detection.

Once admitted to the hospital, it may be too late for these treatments to work.

These new treatment options are not yet widely available, but when they are, those most at risk for serious complications will be prioritized, such as older immunocompromised and unvaccinated people.

When used before serious symptoms appear, doctors say they offer an 80% chance of reducing the severity of the virus.

“The treatments work, if you have access to them, talk to your provider. Don’t hesitate, it is a way to reduce the complications of Covid,” said Dr Pablo Tebas, an infectious disease specialist.

LVHN says it is set to get both treatment options later this month, but stresses that it does not replace vaccinations.

“Get your vaccine. Do what you can to stay safe and if you are unfortunately infected we now have a few options to potentially prevent you from going to the hospital, ”Bariola continued. “It’s better to get vaccinated and never get infected to start with.


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