Dog attack forces teen to be hospitalized


A teenage girl has been rushed to hospital with serious injuries after a dog bit her outside her home. Faith Irwin, 16, from Lanarkshire, Scotland, suffered injuries to her mouth and arm in the attack.

Faith was traumatized by the incident, which took place on December 28, and admits she still has nightmares about it. She hurts when she eats, nearly three months after the ordeal.

The attack took place in Cam’Nethan Street, next to his family home in Stonehouse. Faith and her mother, Lorraine Irwin, are frustrated that neither the dog nor the owner have been punished, despite an ongoing police investigation, reports The Daily Record.

Faith said: “It was really scary. I want something done about it. When I pass the house where the dog is staying, I walk across the street and everything now. I have was shocked because I wasn’t expecting the dog to do this.

“I’m so used to the dog just jumping up for a hug or a pat. It left me with injuries that I still suffer from now. When I eat something now, it always hurts. I want something done about it, but I feel like the police let me down.”

The attack left bruises on his arm

And distraught mom, Lorraine, agrees.

She said: “I was told it was with the dog sitter and then with the police, but we could never reach the officer in charge of the case or anything. Faith was on the street, she knows the dog since he was a puppy, he was out, a dog with his owner, she thought he was just coming to get attention, then he attacked her.

“He basically jumped up, grabbed his mouth. The owner kept pulling him on the leash and then he ended up biting his arm as well. Faith suffered mouth and arm injuries and they didn’t hurt. still haven’t healed properly. She still has marks from that.

The dog bit his mouth during the attack
The dog bit his mouth during the attack

“She took strong antibiotics to stop the infection. She couldn’t eat for a while and still has nightmares about it. We contacted the police the next day, who took their own photos.

“They said they would let us know, but we’re lucky if we even get a phone call when we go after him. We just want there to be consequences.”

The terrifying incident caused trauma to Faith who now suffers from nightmares of the dog attacking her, nearly three months later.

“She’s still stressed about it,” Lorraine explained. “She always has nightmares. The stuff she screams in her sleep is just terrible. She screams for the dog to get down and stop attacking her.”

South Lanarkshire Council’s environmental health department was handling the case, but they said they could not comment due to an ongoing police investigation. The force confirmed it was still reviewing the incident.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “We have been informed that a 16-year-old woman was bitten by a dog on Cam’Nethan Road in Stonehouse on Tuesday 28th December 2021. Inquiries into the incident are ongoing. Classes.”

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