Dominic Boschetti: Young to continue treatment in Milan


A YOUNG boy from Bromsgrove who was seriously injured in a car crash in Italy is set to be transferred to a specialist hospital as his recovery continues.

Dominic Boschetti was in Italy spending time with his father over Christmas when their car was hit by a truck on December 22.

His father Guiseppe suffered serious arm and leg injuries in the accident, but he managed to rescue Dominic from the car and perform CPR on the youngster after going into cardiac arrest before medical services arrived. ’emergency.

The youngster fought for his life in hospital where he was placed in a medically induced coma.

He has since regained consciousness and will be transferred this week to a specialist hospital in Milan where he can begin to recover from his injuries.

It comes as the Inkberrow First School pupil, affectionately known as Dob, turned six on January 13.

Dominic’s uncle Corin Hetherington gave an update on his nephew’s fight on the Go Fund Me page he started to help his sister Jordan Hetherington.

She quit her job to be at Dominic’s bedside in Italy, potentially leaving her for months without any income.

In an update, he wrote, “Dob makes small improvements every day. Jord never leaves him.

“It’s only been a little over three weeks since this happened, but I see steady improvement with Dob in the video calls we have on a daily basis.

“Dob will be transferred to a specialist hospital in Milan on Tuesday to start the real work of helping him recover.”

Meanwhile, donations to the page soared to nearly £25,000 in three weeks.

Corin added: “I can’t thank you enough for the amount of love and support Dob sends me on a daily basis. It’s truly amazing.

“I hope one day my sister and Dominic can all thank you in person. Then you can see why he is such a beautiful, special little boy.

“You are all amazing people.”


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