Due process and mental health treatment key to limiting threats

Kansas AG Derek Schmidt

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HUTCHINSON, Kan. – Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt is seeking increased funding for priorities Democrats and Republicans can agree on in public safety and mental health.

“There are already provisions on the books for the civil recognizance of individuals who are deemed to be a danger to themselves or others,” Schmidt said. “They can of course be detained until the threat subsides and while they’re being detained they obviously can’t have a firearm. That’s been the law in Kansas for a very long time. I think that the real key to some of these discussions is, for example, ensuring that due process applies whenever the government tries to violate a constitutional right. true in religion, true in search and seizure, true in the second amendment.

Schmidt is talking about treating people, not taking up arms.

“I really think the fruitful focus is dealing with mental health issues, dealing with behavioral issues trying to nip bad behavior in the bud, before it becomes a threat to anyone. .”

However, Schmidt wants to ensure that those who are banned from owning guns serve time for using them, if they commit another crime.

“I proposed legislation this year,” Schmidt said. “It was heard and warmly received by the legislature, but did not go through the process, but we should try again next year. It is aimed very specifically at criminals. People who have already committed and been convicted of crimes.. For this reason, under current law, they are not allowed to legally own firearms. In many cases, they do it anyway. Then they use those firearms that they don’t aren’t even supposed to have, to commit new violent crimes. We want to make sure that the crime they committed with a gun gets its own punishment.”

The bill would add the sentence for a crime committed with a firearm to the end of the sentence for a violent crime, whatever it is. It’s part of a larger security framework that Schmidt made public on June 7.


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