Farhad Ghahremani at risk of torture and ill-treatment at Agahi detention center


Farhad Ghahremani, who was arrested for demanding an end to executions in Iran, was taken to the Iranian Police Investigation Unit (Agahi) where he remains at risk of being tortured and ill-treated.

Iranian security forces arrested Farhad Ghahremani, a 22-year-old man who was attending an anti-death penalty protest rally outside parliament on September 11.

Farhad Gharamhani was charged with “gathering and collusion by the leadership of gatherings” and was interrogated in Ward 209 of Evin prison, which is controlled by the MOIS.

According to informed sources, Farhad Gharamani was transferred from Evin prison to Agahi detention center on 15 September.

Before being detained, Farhad Gharamani gave a fiery speech at the rally of the families of those sentenced to death against the regime’s use of executions.

He said: “We are victims of poverty. Our loved ones have been drawn to this path because of poverty, we demand for them the right to life. Their death sentences should be revoked. No one should die. We don’t want any of our loved ones killed again. We’ve been wearing black clothes for years. We don’t want anyone else to die. No human being deserves to be executed.

Farhad’s father, political prisoner Mohammad Taghi Ghahremani, was executed in 2011, and his brother and cousin were imprisoned for participating in the 2019 protests.

Several families of prisoners on death row protested for several days in Tehran last week.

In videos of the protests, police can be seen dispersing protesters, arresting some of them.

In response to the arrests, the families shouted, “We are here to save the lives of our loved ones. Detaining us is not the right answer. We demand a reduction in death sentences!

The families of those sentenced to death chanted: “Do not execute!

Ebrahim Raisi’s first year as president saw a significant increase in executions across Iran.


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