Host parent at youth treatment center gets 28-month sentence for sexual exploitation – Kelowna News


Saying moral culpability is at the high end of the scale, a judge sentenced a former host parent at a residential treatment center in West Kelowna to 28 months in prison for sexually exploiting a teenage girl he had the guard.

Judge Lisa Wyatt also dismissed the idea that a 27-year-old father of three did not know what he had done was wrong.

The man, who is now 35, reached a plea deal with the Crown and pleaded guilty to one count of sexual exploitation in April. He was facing two counts of sexual assault and four counts of sexual exploitation for having sex with the girl for seven months, starting in November 2013.

The victim, FV, was 16 when she was sent to CM’s home for the treatment program in July 2013. The abuse began shortly before she turned 17.

In February 2014, CM’s wife discovered her husband and FV sleeping together, naked. The wife woke up her husband and he told her to fuck off. The teenager started crying and told her foster mum she was sorry.

It was after this incident that the couple requested that the teenager be moved to a new home, and school records showed the reason for the request was that FV was emotionally aggressive with the couple’s three children.

Although the girl left the house, CM continued to contact her and they met several times and had sex in her vehicle.

Even when she returned to live with her mother, the man used a fake Facebook identity to communicate with her, until the mother found out what was going on and reported it to the police.

The judge pointed out that the girl was vulnerable and dependent on her foster family for food and shelter, and said the breach of trust and the significant impact the sexual abuse had on the teenager were aggravating factors in CM’s sentence to 28 months in prison.

Crown prosecutor Ann-Katrine Saettler was asking for a 30-month sentence, while the defense was asking for a suspended sentence.

CM will also be required to provide a DNA sample and will be on the National Sex Offender Registry for ten years.

Judge Wyatt referred to a psychiatric assessment conducted by a psychologist hired by the accused during her sentencing report.

She noted that it was “disturbing” that the man tricked his own psychologist into not admitting that he had had unprotected sex with the girl on multiple occasions. She called denial a significant risk factor.

After sentencing, CM hugged a man who was sitting with him in the gallery, then was handcuffed and taken into custody by a sheriff.


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