HRT with testosterone: everything you need to know before starting treatment


Many of these risks, such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol, are related to family history. If high blood pressure is something that runs in your family, especially cis men, talk to your doctor so you can research any negative effects and catch them in advance.

“What a particular person describes as a risk versus a benefit may vary depending on what their particular expectations, needs, or desires are outside of that hormone,” said Trans Health Program Manager Steph deNormand. at Fenway Health. Their.

How will testosterone affect my period and fertility?

The masculinization of HRT can stop your period, depending on your dose and how long and regular you take testosterone. When it comes to the effects of HRT masculinization on fertility, there are still many unknowns. As a general rule, experts recommend consulting your doctor about fertility preservation options such as egg retrieval and storage before starting testosterone to improve your chances of creating viable embryos from them longer. late.

While many people decide to freeze their eggs before starting HRT, new research has shown that you can also do it after you’ve been on HRT.

“We also find that if someone loses testosterone, it seems more and more likely that their fertility will recover, at least in such a way that they can either get pregnant or can go through an egg retrieval process for where you might otherwise have genetically related children,” says deNormand Their.

One important thing to note is that freezing your eggs after being on testosterone involves stopping HRT and possibly starting another form of hormone therapy to facilitate IVF extraction.

How will testosterone affect my mood? Will testosterone make me angrier?

tv shows like The word I perpetuated the misconception that testosterone can dramatically change the personality of people who take it. While testosterone can make you more irritable, experts say “T-rage” is nothing more than a myth.

“There is a misconception that it is caused by ‘steroid rage,’ short for steroid rage,” Dr. Soren Estvold, board member of The Equality Clinic told Augusta Health. Their. “This is often attributed to bodybuilders who consume a lot of testosterone to achieve their muscle goals. Transmale patients don’t get the amount of testosterone used by bodybuilders.

The types of emotional changes you can expect vary greatly from person to person. Some people say they even feel more emotionally balanced after starting testosterone, says deNormand Their.


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