Humboldt’s wastewater treatment system gets $ 3.5 million upgrade


The tender allowed the city to select a qualified supplier for the design and implementation of the improvements.

“We did a preliminary design two years ago. We used that to apply for a grant for which we received preliminary approval, ”added Day. “We are currently in the detailed design where we are looking at the finer details of the configuration, layout and processing capacity that it can achieve. “

Day said the city was a little behind what they hoped to be at this point, but was still hopeful the project would stay on track.

“We hope the detailed design will be completed in the spring of 2022. We could see construction work starting in the summer or late fall of 2022 at the earliest.”

Although the project is in the early stages of the design process, the city does not expect any disruptions for residents once construction is complete.

The improvements are intended to promote the city’s growth and improve the quality of the water the city is able to supply to existing residents.

“Our current lagoon system does a very good job of what it’s supposed to do,” Days added. “It’s a win-win in two ways and we look forward to the improvements.”

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