ITV Good Morning Britain under fire for Katie Price treatment


Katie Price appeared on ITV Good Morning Britain today with the show criticized for giving her airtime.

Fans flooded the show with complaints after the show chose to give Katie a platform on Tuesday.

Lesley Evans went wild: “In llanelli a few weeks later, a drunken young woman was driving a car, crashed and killed a 6 month old baby.

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“Now in prison.

“Why give airtime to glamorize Katie Price?”

“Katie Price is using her son to make money, why isn’t she in jail for drunk driving,” said The Cyborg.

Janice fumed, “Katie Price should have been sent to jail. If she was a member of Joe Public, we would have been.”

Kev moaned, “Everything about Katie Price is toxic, she shouldn’t have airtime, she should be in jail as a serial offender, she doesn’t even have remorse, she’s just looking for her next day. payroll. #GMB “

Sandra fumed, “I had a tiny bit of sympathy for Katie Price for her health issues related to metals. Now after watching GMTV, that is gone. This year she should be in a health unit for metals in prison, so maybe she’ll be a better person. Why are you giving her the airtime and the publicity. “

“Bring Harvey too so you can go to the sympathy vote, don’t wash with me Katie, you should have spent Christmas and New Years in jail and still be here now,” ranted Richard Warren.

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OnEnry said: “I’m all for a second chance, but #GMB is taking the fuck out with Katie Price to cheer about her plans for the future. She should be in jail. There are people out there who still mourn the loss of family members killed by drunk drivers or those driving without insurance. Disgusting. “

Grumpy wrote: “Why the hell are you giving Katie Price airtime? All she wants is to promote herself, even lining up another interview to talk about her conditional sentence. Anyone? others would be in jail now. “

Michael moaned, “Why the hell are you giving Katie, regular beverage operator any time on the air. She should be in jail. Not get special treatment by a TV talk show. People have lost sentient beings. dear because of drunk drivers and this slap saw him on gmb “

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