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A warrant was issued today for a 30-year-old Mayfield man, sentenced to 103 days in jail and facing the cancellation of a drug treatment order. Jake Anthony Mullins was sentenced to a drug treatment order last year on a series of charges including evading police and several firearms charges. Complying with the terms of the drug treatment order would have saved him from going to jail. READ MORE: Prime Minister, Treasurer of North Tasmania for Forestry announcement The Department of Community Corrections has applied for their drug treatment order to be overturned. When he failed to appear in Launceston Magistrates’ Court on Monday, a warrant was issued for his arrest by Magistrate Sharon Cure. Last year he was arrested in June after escaping police in a stolen car, with two shortened shotguns in the back of the vehicle. He spent 77 days in detention, but when he was sentenced to the drug treatment order, the remaining 103 days were suspended. In 2019, he pleaded guilty to 10 counts of firearms, two counts of aggravated police escape, two counts of reckless driving, using abusive language towards a police officer, resisting a police officer, unlawful possession of property and possession of a controlled drug in June 2019. READ MORE: Why a Tasmanian high court battle could be high-profile These charges followed a raid on his home in Mayfield as part of Tasmania Police’s Operation Raptor. The raid uncovered three firearms and stolen property with a total value of $10,250. Last week, Mullins claimed he could not appear in court because he tested positive for COVID-19. The court heard Monday that Mullins had since recorded a negative PCR test. He also failed to report for the urinalysis required under the order and requested an unapproved change of address to share a house with someone he had once shared a jail cell with. READ MORE: Former Peters ice cream factory in South Launceston could be reused Last year, Ms Cure told Mullins she would give him the option of undergoing a drug treatment order, to allow him to overcome his drug addiction. “I saw in your report that you are motivated by strong family ties, to get away from where you are right now,” Ms Cure said at sentencing last year. “You have to change what you do and who you see…and I think you know who those people are.” “If you hang with the same old team, you’ll get the same result. We see that over and over again.” Sentencing Mullins of aggravated escape and reckless driving, Ms Cure gave him six months behind bars but suspended the rest of the sentence, allowing him to leave court. ‘hated men’ lose appeal against jail sentence He would, however, have the remainder of the sentence – 103 days – suspended over his head for the next 18 months. Our reporters work hard to provide local and local news. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content: Follow us on Google News: The Examiner



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