Joe Exotic moved to a new prison for cancer treatment


Joe Exotic was airlifted to a new Federal Bureau of Prisons medical center for the treatment of prostate cancer.

The former Oklahoma zookeeper has been transferred to Federal Medical Center in Butner, North Carolina, according to online archives.

He had been locked up for nearly 20 months at the Federal Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas.

“He needs cancer treatment, but we were hoping the Marshals Service and Bureau of Prisons would choose to send him to Oklahoma, so he can prepare for his new conviction and upcoming motions to quash. his conviction, “said senior lawyer John M. Phillips. .

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The Florida attorney said Joe Exotic was transferred late Tuesday or early Wednesday.

Joe Exotic – real name Joseph Maldonado-Passage – is jailed for the crimes of account murder and other misdemeanors. He maintains that he is innocent.

In 2019, an Oklahoma City jury found him guilty of making two attempts to have his main critic, Carole Baskin, murdered. The jury also found him guilty of crimes involving his zoo animals, including the unlawful killing of five tigers with a shotgun.

A federal judge sentenced him last year to 22 years in prison. In July, a federal appeals court ordered the new conviction.

He revealed earlier this month on Twitter that a medical test had shown he had cancer.

“What I need is for the world to be my voice to be liberated,” he wrote in a handwritten letter posted on his Twitter account.

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Federal Medical Center in Butner, North Carolina

“They have proof that I did not do this and there is no reason for the American lawyer to drag this out so that I can go home and be treated on my own or enjoy the life I am doing. ‘I have left with my loved ones. “

He told fans in the letter that doctors called him on October 27 “to announce that my prostate biopsy had come back with aggressive cancer.”

His lawyer confirmed the diagnosis, saying biopsies revealed two areas of cancer. The lawyer also said the transfer was believed to have taken place later this month.

Joe Exotic became a household name the world over last year when Netflix released “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness,” a documentary series about his life, business, and now-closed zoo in Wynnewood. Millions of people watched as they were stuck at home with little to do due to pandemic lockdowns.

He is 58 years old.

A sequel, “Tiger King 2,” was released on Wednesday with mostly negative reviews.


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