Judge calls for treatment of ‘cannabis disorder’ convict – RIVER COUNTRY



Defense questions whether Larson could afford to complete all of the marijuana transactions if they hadn’t been arranged by the sheriff’s office

Wednesday, September 28, 2022, 8:36 a.m. CDT


FALLS CITY — Ty Larson, 25, of Falls City was sentenced to 30 months probation Tuesday for delivering marijuana and possessing money in a drug-related crime in October 2021.

Richardson County Assistant District Attorney Samantha Scheitel and defense attorney Dylan Handley agreed that Larson suffered from “cannabis disorder.”

Scheitel said he needed residential addiction treatment, but asked the judge for a jail sentence for Larson because of multiple controlled purchases.

An arrest warrant indicates that the Richardson County Sheriff’s Office made controlled purchases last winter.

Defense attorney Dylan Handley said he didn’t want to downplay what Larson had done, but he questioned whether Larson had the sophistication to complete all of the marijuana transactions if they didn’t. been put in place by the sheriff’s office.

Handley: “I’m not saying he was tricked, but he’s not what you would call a ‘wheel and deal’ drug dealer.”

Judge Julie Smith noted an active warrant against Larson out of Kansas and agreed he could benefit from residential drug treatment.

She said while she doesn’t like to sentence someone to probation while they have an active fugitive warrant in another state, she wants Larson in residential treatment while that option is still available to her. .

She said some establishments won’t accept a customer if they’ve been clean for a while, even if the reason they’re clean is because they were in jail.

Scheitel added that she was asking for a prison sentence in advance, as well as a probation sentence.

The judge sentenced Larson to 10 to 53 days in jail, allowing his release after 10 days if he goes into residential treatment. He was placed on probation for 30 months.


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