Las Vegas Court of Justice receives grant for 2023 DUI Healing Court Program


The Las Vegas court received a $62,000 grant from the Nevada Department of Public Safety’s Office of Traffic Safety for its 2023 Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Treatment Court program.

Created in 2003, the specialized DUI treatment court offers a comprehensive treatment program for repeat offenders. While under court supervision, the program requires participants to attend treatment services and be randomly tested for alcohol and/or drugs throughout their participation in the program. Program participants are held accountable through the use of alcohol and drug monitoring technology, GPS tracking, breath testing devices, and the use of timely and appropriate penalties when noncompliance.

“The DUI Treatment Court program is an essential program for our community that helps reduce the number of repeat DUI offenders by providing participants with treatment to address underlying substance abuse disorders and change their thinking about driving. under the influence. Without the financial support of the Nevada Department of Public Safety’s Office of Traffic Safety, we would be challenged to provide assistance to as many repeat offenders as are referred to the program, leaving many of them an ongoing risk. for safety on our roads,” the judge said. Cynthia Cruz. “The DUI Treatment Court program provides a way to break the chain of repeat offenses through court oversight, regular drug testing, supervision, treatment, and community resources to help build road safety. Participants average just over a year in the program and, upon graduation, say it was ultimately rewarding for them, despite the many challenges faced in completing all of the program requirements. We look forward to continuing to work with our community to help reduce the number of repeat offenders on our roads, and with the grant, we can do just that.

The program was redesigned in July 2019 to meet national DUI processing court standards. Its main purpose is to move impaired drivers, with more than one DUI arrest, into treatment programs to help break up their DUI recurrence. Last year, 90 people participated in the program, 10 were terminated or transferred, for a retention rate of 89%, which supports the effectiveness of the program. Those who fail the program are sentenced to their prison term. Of the 33 people who graduated from the program in the past year, none have re-offended with a new impaired driving arrest, giving a zero recidivism rate.

This grant allows for the continued placement of a Specialized Courts Coordinator for the program. The coordinator’s duties include screening defendants to ensure they meet program admission criteria, evaluating participants for substance abuse, mental illness, and other issues requiring clinical treatment. The coordinator also oversees case management services, directs participants to appropriate types of care and community resources, and tracks and monitors new program participants, successful graduates, and unsuccessful terminations.


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