Lawyer says there is no special treatment for Najib


KUALA LUMPUR (September 26): Defense lawyer Tan Sri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah has denied allegations that former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak received preferential treatment in Kajang prison.

The lead lawyer called the allegations “totally absurd” and said his client had been allocated a standard room at the Cheras Rehabilitation Hospital (HRC), which was given to prisoners in need of medical treatment.

“I went to see him. It’s just a room. I have a better room at the National Heart Institute. It’s a standard room for anyone in prison who needs this kind of treatment,” Shafee said, speaking to reporters during a break. the 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB)-Tanore trial.

The lawyer lamented that Najib did not even have a dining room when he attended the court proceedings.

Last week, an anonymous message circulated claiming that Najib (codename “Merpati”) had received preferential treatment at Kajang prison, where he has been serving his 12-year prison sentence since August 23.

This was after the Supreme Court dismissed Najib’s latest appeal in the RM42 million SRC International Sdn Bhd case.

Shafee added on Monday (September 26) that he went to see the former prime minister over the weekend but was told he could not qualify for any exceptions.

According to the lawyer, he also experienced this with other clients.

He said the only ‘special treatment’ given could be in terms of food for the former prime minister, which cannot be greasy or spicy due to his history of stomach ulcers, and so the prisons department monitors the diet of the member for Pekan. .

The lawyer said even Najib’s family was not allowed to provide him with food.

Shafee also confirmed that his client had been transferred to HRC for physiotherapy.

“He has certain health conditions for therapy. Even I don’t know. Maybe [it is] related to its current state, which is [a] knee problem. He left for a big operation even when he was prime minister.

“He was recommended to go [to HRC]. Kuala Lumpur Hospital (HKL) provides physiotherapy services but it is not enough,” the lawyer said.

The 1MDB-Tanore trial had to be canceled two weeks ago, after Najib’s blood pressure was reportedly affected by a change in medication. He was then hospitalized in HKL, then transferred to HRC on September 19.

Asked about Najib’s general health, Shafee said his client’s blood pressure was better but not back to normal.

“His blood pressure is 136/87. His normal [range was] 110-120/70-80,” the attorney said.

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