Maharashtra frees up Rs 8 crore more for wildlife treatment center


The Maharashtra government has disbursed another tranche of funds – Rs 8.48 crore – for the first phase of the Wildlife Transit Treatment Center (TTC), which is under construction at Bavdhan in Pune. The treatment center is a unique multi-specialty hospital for injured and disabled wild animals.

In November 2018, the government had approved the establishment of a treatment center on a 22-acre plot of land in Bavdhan. The estimated cost of the project is Rs 87 crore. It includes the establishment of specialized processing centers and post-processing recovery centers for deer, antelope and mammals in the first phase. The total cost of this phase is Rs 23 crore.

The works of the first phase of the project also include road construction, fire safety, a veterinary hospital building, electricity and other civil works. The government has disbursed a total of Rs 14 crore in 2020 and 2021 for this.

Currently, 100% of work is completed for the Mammal Treatment and Recovery Center, 93% of the work for the Veterinary Hospital is completed, 79% of the road work is completed, 79% of the work is completed for the Treatment Center antelopes, and 45% on the roe deer processing center,

Approval of phase 2 of the project, estimated to cost Rs 47 crore, is awaited. The next phase includes treatment centers for felines, canids, primates, birds and reptiles.


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