Man accused of threatening treatment center staff convicted


Aug 31 – A man accused of pulling a knife on staff at a local drug treatment center in April and later arrested while in possession of methamphetamine has been handed two suspended sentences at the start of the month.

On August 18, Judge Heidi Ulbricht issued two five-year suspended sentences with the state Department of Corrections to Anthony Star Hopper, 39, of Kalispell. Hopper did not contest one count of assault with a weapon and guilty of one count. of criminal possession of dangerous drugs after reaching a settlement with prosecutors in July.

Both sentences must be served concurrently, and Hopper received credit for a total of 117 days of time served between the two cases.

Authorities initially arrested Hopper after he was reportedly upset that the marijuana taken from him when he entered the treatment center would not be returned to him. When employees explained he needed a green card to retrieve the cannabis, Hopper allegedly pulled out a knife strapped to his chest.

In response, security guards at the facility drew their weapons, according to court documents. At this, Hopper allegedly walked away and responding officers saw him place the knife on the floor of the parking lot, according to court documents.

Hopper was released from county jail on his own recognizance on May 5, but allegedly violated the terms of his release several weeks later. A warrant for his arrest was issued on May 23.

On May 30, a Kalispell police officer spotted Hopper walking along West Montana Street. Knowing the warrant, the officer took him into custody and searched him, according to court documents. This resulted in a clear bag containing a white crystalline substance that tested presumptively positive for methamphetamine, according to court documents.

As part of the deal with prosecutors, Hopper was to attend a drug treatment program at a treatment center. On August 18, his attorney, Alisha Rapkoch, told the court that Hopper had successfully participated in a program in Columbia Falls.

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