Newsom proposes to force some homeless people into treatment


California governor proposes plan to force homeless people with severe mental illness or addiction into treatment

The state would require counties to provide comprehensive treatment for people with debilitating psychosis and people would be forced to accept care.

Some homeless advocates have opposed coerced care, but Newsom told the San Francisco Chronicle it’s high time to talk about civil rights when people are attacking others.

His proposal would require legislative agreement.

California Health and Human Services Secretary Dr Mark Ghaly called the plan “the start of a conversation about how we are addressing one of the most important issues in California”.

He said the effort is about addressing what “for many of us is one of the most heartbreaking and heartbreaking challenges”, and “is how do we meet the needs of the people who are the sickest of the sick?”

“This is a new path,” Ghaly said. “This is a paradigm shift.”

Ghaly says he expects the program could apply to 7,000 to 12,000 people in California, although not all of them are necessarily homeless.


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