NKORE Cancer Treatment Discovery Showcased Live in Moonshot4Kids Congressional and Administration Briefing Recap Event


Dr. Jewett and Tracy Ryan give a live presentation on the discovery of NKORE Biotherapeutics, Saturday, September 10

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Childhood cancer advocate Janet Demeter meets President Biden at the Moonshot 2-2-22 announcement

Childhood cancer advocate Janet Demeter meets President Biden at the Cancer Moonshot announcement on 2/2/2022 and shares the importance of raising awareness for childhood brain cancer

In the spirit of Cancer Moonshot, H. Res. 404 provides a platform for raising awareness about unseen suffering and death, innovations in research, and hope for a cure.

The results we are seeing give us…hope that we will soon be able to offer better treatments for children and adults that address the core problem versus targeting disease through toxicity. »

—Tracy Ryan, CCO NKORE Biotherapeutics

LOS ANGELES, California, USA, Sept. 4, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — On September 10, 2022, NKORE Biotherapeutics will take center stage in the early presentation of the Moonshot4Kids Congressional/OSTP cancer briefing streaming replay Brain in Children, an event originally presented in part on May 17, 2022 in the Rayburn House Office Building in Washington DC, and hosted by the offices of Congresswoman Debbie Dingell (D-MI-12), Member of the Congressman David Joyce (R-OH-14), with opening remarks by Congressman Michael McCaul (R-TX-10), founder and co-chair of the Childhood Cancer Caucus. Presented by The Cure Starts Now Foundation and the Carson Leslie Foundation, and produced by the DIPG Advocacy Group under the auspices of Jack’s Angels Inc (Agua Dulce, CA), the briefing was intended to educate and inform Congress and the Cancer team Moonshot of the Biden administration on DIPG and childhood brain cancer, the leading cause of cancer-related death in children in the United States, as described in the DIPG advocacy resolution (H. Res. 404 ), which suggests prioritizing pediatric and high-death cancers for research into cures and increased federal funding for childhood cancers in general.

“Despite great strides over the past decade in childhood cancer legislation and parent-funded discoveries in research, virtually nothing has changed for children with DIPG and most childhood cancers; advocacy is the missing link,” notes Janet Demeter, president of Jack’s Angels and founder of DIPG Advocacy Group; “The DIPG is still a death sentence with the same level of care as when Neil Armstrong’s daughter died of it in 1962.” The group’s briefing in May launched the final campaign to have the House of Representatives pass H. Res. 404 during this session of Congress, after nearly 7 years of educating about the realities of childhood brain cancer and lobbying for families across the country with the help of other childhood cancer advocates such as Paul Miller (Littleton, CO), DIPG Founding Partner of Advocacy Group, and Marcelo Ortigao (Fort Collins CO), Scientific and Medical Advisor to the Group.

At 7 p.m. ET on Saturday, September 10, the streaming public presentation of informative testimonials from industry professionals, some of the world’s most respected physician-researchers in pediatric neuro-oncology, philanthropists, as well as families and survivors, will be followed by a special session, live presentation and Q&A session by Tracy Ryan (Los Angeles, CA) and Dr. Anahid Jewett (UCLA), the CCO and CSO of NKORE Biotherapeutics, on the NKORE’s approach to “supercharging” allogeneic natural killer cells. Developments in research and discovery herald a new era of immunotherapeutic medicine for the treatment of cancer in patients of all ages. Founder of NKORE Biotherapeutics, Ryan humbly attributes all of her entrepreneurial ambitions, including founding Cannakids, to one cause: finding a cure for her daughter, because “…before, there was nothing.”

“After our baby girl Sophie was diagnosed with a low grade brain tumor at 8.5 months old, my husband and I decided on the spot to dedicate our lives to curing her. From our days of pioneering the use of medical cannabis for pediatric illnesses to our Netflix documentary “Weed the People”, working successfully with patients around the world has driven us to do more. With the launch of my cancer immunotherapy company NKore BioTherapeutics, we are now focused on repairing the very part of the immune system that, when it fails, causes cancer: the Natural Killer Cell System. Backed by more than 30 years of research from world-renowned UCLA-based cancer researcher Dr. Anahid Jewett, the results we are seeing give us incredible hope that we will soon be able to offer better treatments for children and adults repairing the problem core versus targeting disease through toxicity.

“Tracy’s dedication to saving her daughter exemplifies the spirit of Cancer Moonshot with integrity of purpose, uncompromising urgency for opportunity, and holistic innovation in medicine.” Demeter had, in part, publicly criticized the 2/2/2022 Cancer Moonshot ad for neglecting to mention childhood cancer, the disease-linked first killer of American children. According to Demeter, the absence was normal, because the current investment culture in medical research considers the “impact” of research against the interests of investors, and not smaller patient populations as is the case. for all childhood cancers. “The conversation and communication between the childhood cancer community and the administration has been so helpful this year that our children could feature more prominently and urgently in the Cancer Moonshot. This briefing opportunity, along with the resolution itself, provided a platform—now one of many—for this communication, both with Congress and the Administration. We are honored to present NKORE and this breakthrough discovery that could play an important role in meeting the childhood cancer community’s long-standing needs and demands for effective therapies designed for children that are less toxic.

To support next steps for the DIPG Outreach Resolution (H. Res. 404) to be brought closer to the House Floors programming review, a video of select informational content has been produced for sharing with the offices of the Chairman of the Health Subcommittee, the Chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee, the House Leadership Team, as well as the Cancer Moonshot Team. The September 10 streaming information and the September 18 encore replay are available at www.dipgadvocacy.org, and can be followed from the Childhood Cancer Talk Radio and Jack’s Angels Foundation Facebook pages. For more information about NKORE Biotherapeutics, visit www.NKORE.com.

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