PETA protesters urge Miami Seaquarium to close over dolphin treatment – ​​NBC 6 South Florida


PETA protesters gathered outside the Miami Seaquarium on Saturday afternoon after a US Department of Agriculture report said the diet of dolphins at the marine attraction had been reduced by 60%.

Protesters held up signs and chanted “we love dolphins” as people drove by, hoping to get their message across.

A USDA report found dolphins at the Miami Seaquarium were not being properly fed after 60% of their food rations were cut, resulting in skinny animals.

A USDA report said the diet of Miami Seaquarium dolphins had been reduced by 60%. Reporting by Ryan Nelson of NBC 6

“The Miami Seaquarium continues to violate federal law and the animals continue to suffer miserably,” one protester said.

“The dolphins were starved until their bones were visible. The emaciated animals were forced to perform more frequently and the dolphins attacked trainers and the public due to the stress of their intense confinement,” he said. she declared.

According to the USDA report, the assistant director of animal training consulted with corporate trainers and the lead animal care specialist to reduce the diets of nine of 12 Dolphin Harbor dolphins.

The report stated that several dolphins were very thin with at least one dolphin’s ribs visible.

Many dolphins experienced regurgitation during training sessions after the change in diet, the report also states.

“I want to be very clear about Miami Seaquarium’s commitment to providing the best possible environment for the health and welfare of the animals in our care,” said Patrick Pearson, Miami Seaquarium’s general manager.

“When we took over leadership earlier this year, we set out to correct decades of difficult circumstances. We know the world is watching and we welcome this attention because, in addition to providing the highest level of care for these animals, we want to be advocates for animal welfare around the world,” he said. .

Protesters are calling on the city and county to close the Miami Seaquarium due to the findings of the USDA report.


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