Planned Parenthood erases the fact that treating ectopic pregnancy is not abortion from its website


Planned Parenthood has just cleaned up its website in light of media attempts to convince women that ectopic pregnancy treatments and other life-saving procedures are actually abortions. However, induced abortion is the intentional murder of a human being before birth.

What has Planned Parenthood served? A sentence that read: “Treating an ectopic pregnancy is not the same as having an abortion.”

The clear distinction that abortion is not necessary to treat dangerous ectopic pregnancies was present on the Planned Parenthood website in 2020, 2021, and most of this year – even until July 14, 2022. Since the Supreme Court struck down the infamous Roe vs. Wade decision, media misinformation spread like wildfire, blurring the true definition of abortion in the minds of the public.

Just days A few days ago, Live Action News documented that the Planned Parenthood website stated, “Treating an ectopic pregnancy is not the same as having an abortion. Abortion is a medical procedure that, when performed safely, terminates a pregnancy that is in your uterus. Ectopic pregnancies are dangerous outside your uterus (usually in the fallopian tubes) and are removed with a drug called methotrexate or by a laparoscopic surgery. The medical procedures for abortions are not the same as the medical procedures for an ectopic pregnancy.


But because the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization The Supreme Court ruling sent abortion regulation back to the states, suddenly the pro-abortion media did their best to confuse abortion with ectopic pregnancy.

Now Planned Parenthood seems to have erased the verbiage entirely. The website now says instead: “Ectopic pregnancies are dangerous outside your uterus (usually in the fallopian tubes) and are removed with a medicine called methotrexate or by a laparoscopic surgery. The medical procedures for terminating a pregnancy in the womb are generally different from the medical procedures for terminating an ectopic pregnancy.

See the screenshots below (left, today; right, July 14, 2022):

Planned Parenthood ectopic pregnancy language change side by side (accessed July 14 vs. July 20, 2022)

This isn’t the first time Planned Parenthood has changed or deleted information from its website after its “facts” conflicted with its program.

Scouring sanger

In 2015, as Live Action News previously documented, Planned Parenthood began erasing Margaret Sanger’s name from one of its prestigious awards. As you can see in the image below, Planned Parenthood’s so-called “Maggie Award”, named “after Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger”, has quietly become Planned’s “Media Award”. Parenthood. Sanger was a well-known eugenicist who selected population control enthusiasts, fellow eugenicists, and white supremacists for her board of directors; it has been celebrated by Planned Parenthood for decades.

Although Planned Parenthood began clearing Sanger’s name, there was no public reckoning with his racism. That only happened in 2020, when accusations of systemic racism and white supremacy within the company surfaced publicly. At that time, Planned Parenthood had to admit its founder’s racist legacy.

Planned Parenthood, along with at least 19 affiliates, also recognized a today problem of systemic racism within the organization.

Image: PPFA Maggie Award now Media Award

PPFA Maggie Award now called Media Award

Purge prenatal care

In 2017, a Live Action investigation found Planned Parenthood to be an abortion-focused company. The survey highlighted the fact that virtually no Planned Parenthood sites provide prenatal care, despite the abortion giant’s public claims to the contrary. Shortly after, Planned Parenthood purged its website again.

The image below from a Planned Parenthood Arizona website shows the term “prenatal” in bold on the left side just before the Live Action talk. But just a week after Planned Parenthood’s misrepresentations came to light, the screenshot on the right shows how the term disappeared from Planned Parenthood sites. Several examples of this purge were demonstrated by Live Action News here.

Prenatal and purged PP temp |  Planned Parenthood erases the fact that ectopic pregnancy treatment is not abortion from its website |  news from paradise

Abortion is not a treatment for ectopic pregnancy

In 2019, Dr. Patricia Santiago-Munoz, OB-GYN at UT Southwestern Medical Center, wrote:

Treatment for ectopic pregnancy is not the same as abortion. The medical definition of “abortion” is the removal of an embryo and placenta from the uterus. This includes termination of unwanted pregnancy as well as any other normal pregnancy in which the life of the fetus or the mother is in danger. Note the phrase “from the womb” – the only place an embryo can develop into a baby. Logically, the treatment cannot be generalized as “abortion”, especially because many women with ectopic pregnancies were planning to conceive and wanted to carry their pregnancies to term…

It is possible for an early ectopic pregnancy to end in miscarriage. However, in most cases this is not the case and medical intervention is required. To treat an ectopic pregnancy, the doctor will recommend either surgery or a medicine called methotrexate. On rare occasions, the medicine can have serious side effects, such as liver or skin reactions, so it is important to discuss the most appropriate treatment with your doctor.

A June 2022 Politifact article on ectopic pregnancy care also admitted: “Most of the medical experts we spoke to were clear that they do not consider ectopic treatment an abortion. The article did not specifically detail which “medical experts” Politifact had consulted. On July 6, 2022, Vineeta Gupta MD, JD told Forbes, “Treatment of ectopic pregnancy, medical or surgical, is not abortion but a life-saving procedure,” and the image below from the headline from an article published by clearly demonstrates this point.

Image: VeryWellHealth Ectopic is not an abortion

VeryWellHealth Ectopic is not an abortion

In March 2022, outspoken abortionist Jen Gunter, who has been used by Facebook’s Fact Checker in the past, tweeted, “Treating an ectopic pregnancy is not an abortion. It is the treatment of an ectopic pregnancy…” In 2019, Gunter tweeted: “We don’t call ectopic pregnancy treatment and abortion, we call it ectopic pregnancy treatment. We do not perform abortions for ectopic pregnancy, we provide medical or surgical treatment for ectopic pregnancy. In a separate space Twitter feed Gunter wrote, “Doctors don’t call therapy for ectopic pregnancy abortion, we call it treatment for ectopic pregnancy. Later, she tweeted, “Talking with female patients is often different and telling someone she wasn’t really pregnant is not correct and could even be cruel. They are pregnant, but it can never result in a live birth. But confusing ectopic pregnancy with abortion is dangerous and wrong.

So the question remains: why would Planned Parenthood suddenly and at that time choose to delete such clear language on the obvious differences between ectopic pregnancy and abortion?

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