R. Kelly sentenced to mental health treatment as part of sex crimes sentence


R. Kelly was sentenced to 30 years behind bars for committing federal sex crimes. If he manages to finish his sentence, his sentence will not be finished. According TMZKelly should attend mental health treatment and should avoid contact with anyone under the age of 18.

R. Kelly will also be under five years of probation once released from prison.

According The New York Times, R. Kelly appeared before Judge Ann M. Donnelly last week wearing dark glasses and a khaki shirt. Donnelly presided over Kelly’s trial and addressed every count Kelly was convicted of, including racketeering and violation of the Mann Act, which prohibits interstate transportation of women and girls for “immoral purposes.” “. R. Kelly sat down at the defense table and greeted the judge with “good morning”.

After his sentencing, Judge Donnelly said, “the public must be protected from behavior like this.” R. Kelly declined a statement due to ongoing litigation. He confirmed his refusal to the court judge.

In a pre-sentencing memo, R. Kelly said he was using his fame and money to “cover up his crimes.”

“He pursued his crimes and evaded punishment for nearly 30 years and must now be held accountable,” the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York wrote in the memo.

R. Kelly is represented by Jennifer Bonjean, who also represented Bill Cosby, and requested a sentence of less than 14 years. Bonjean also argued that R. Kelly’s sentence should “not [be] based on heated emotions”, but rather on the nature of the accusations. At sentencing, six women testified to the horrors of their experiences with the R&B star. Bonjean also advocated for R. Kelly’s education, citing that he was sexually abused as a child and lived in an unstable environment.

R. Kelly will also face trial in Chicago federal court for child pornography and obstruction in August. He is expected to be sent back to his hometown after his sentencing.


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