Rockford Girl sells lemonade to help fund dad’s cancer treatment


Having a lemonade stand is something a lot of kids love to do on a hot summer day, but how many of those kids would actually use their profits to do something amazing for someone else?

Slim to none, I guess.

Thank goodness there are great kids like 7-year-old Charleigh Southerland of Rockford who will.

Charleigh’s Hope Lemonade Stand

Just this afternoon, I was checking my email when I came across a Nextdoor notification that really made me smile. The message simply said “She’s doing it again”, and I HAD to know more. Here is what I found…

The story behind Charleigh Hope

In early July, Charleigh’s father, Joey Southerland, 47, of Rockford, was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer which will require extensive medical treatment in an attempt to save his life. Joey Southerland is self-employed and can no longer work, his wife is between jobs and they have no medical insurance.

Instead of crying into her teddy bear about her father’s terrifying medical diagnosis (like most 7-year-olds would), Charleigh was inspired to organize a lemonade stand to help raise money for her treatments. of chemotherapy. Isn’t that the sweetest thing ever?

On July 23, 2022, Charleigh held her first lemonade stand at her home on Mayfair Place in Rockford, and WIFR was there to capture the moment she donated her profits to the OSF Center for Cancer Care…

Inspired by the generosity of the Rockford community, Charleigh is determined to raise even more money and will once again be hosting a lemonade stand on Saturday, July 30 from 1-6 p.m. at her home on Mayfair Place.

If you can’t get through with a cash donation on Saturday, a GoFundMe was also set up for Joey Southerland. Please do what you can for this needy Rockford family and for the sweet young girl on a mission to help her father.

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