Singer Vehicle Design gives its Turbo Study Porsche 964 the Cabriolet treatment


When a factory-built vehicle is too tame for your liking, aftermarket equipment exists to meet the need for bespoke projects. Singer Vehicle Design is your go-to name when it comes to Porsche. We’ve seen them work their magic on coupes and targas before, but this latest commission finally presents its first convertible with upgrades based on its Turbo study.

Founded in 2009, the Los Angeles, California-based company specializes in Porsche restomods. The convertible in question here starts out as a 964-generation 911, which then receives a series of modifications from Singer Vehicle Design. The team uses a 930-generation 911 as its muse for the build.

Just like its previous outings, this convertible is breathtakingly beautiful. The Donor 911 hosts a wide carbon fiber shell draped in a vibrant shade of Cadiz Red. The black accents bring out a nice contrast to the crimson colorway of its body. It flaunts a set of two-tone wheels with black spokes and silver rims.

This Singer Vehicle Design creation is powered by a 3.8-liter turbocharged flat-six. Engine output is 510 horsepower, about 70 horsepower more than the standard Turbo Study mill. With the automated fabric roof down, you can see the cabin mostly black with red accents.

Meanwhile, the sports seats and electronically adjustable door panels are wrapped in elegant tartan. “The first Porsche, the Sport 356/1 known as ‘Number 1,’ was a convertible, and open-top high-performance glamor has been a part of history ever since,” says Singer Vehicle Creative Director Rob Dickinson. Design. This example already has an owner, but you can always order another one.

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Images courtesy of Singer Vehicle Design


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