Sola Fide preacher Golden Lampstand denied treatment for diabetes in prison


His family and co-religionists fear that Yang Rongli could “die of natural causes” before his trial.

by Dong Quiyue

Yang Rongli. From Weibo.

A preacher and evangelist from the larger Sola Fide Golden Lampstand community, Yang Rongli, is being denied treatment for her diabetes in prison and is in serious medical condition, according to a letter circulated by her brother Yang Kai on July 15 among churches. of Chinese houses.

Bitter Winter reported in 2018 on the persecution of Golden Lampstand Church, a house church in the town of Linfen, Shanxi, and the destruction of its place of worship. The congregation is part of a network of more than 50,000 members, and the construction of the church had cost nearly $2.6 million.

We also reported in 2021 that Golden Lampstand continued to meet outside and be harassed by police. On August 7, 2021, nine leaders and members of the Church of the Golden Lamp were arrested in a well-planned and coordinated public security operation, including Pastor Wang Xiaoguang and his wife Yang Rongli, who is also a preacher. and evangelist. She is also a former officer of Shanxi Normal University’s Veterans Cadre Department.

Yang Rongli's brother's call, From Twitter.
Yang Rongli’s brother’s call, From Twitter.

Yang Rongli is being held at the Yaodu District Detention Center in Linfen City, Shanxi Province, and her family does not know the trial date. Her brother reports that the 67-year-old “suffers from severe diabetes”. “She has to take special blood sugar-lowering medication regularly every day. Not only are there no such drugs in the detention center, but family members are not allowed to send them or visit.

Relatives and co-religionists fear that before any trial, Yang Rongli will die in prison – “of natural causes”, as the official press releases always say.

The now famous image of the destruction of the Golden Lampstand Church, taken from a video of church members.
The now famous image of the destruction of the Golden Lampstand Church, taken from a video of church members.

The Golden Lampstand Church is one of the so-called Sola Fide house churches. These churches are not a denomination, but a loosely connected network with no uniform management, which refuses to join the Three-Self Church claiming that the latter has rejected and betrayed Martin Luther’s key doctrine of justification “by faith alone”. (Latin sola fide).

The Golden Lampstand Church and its members have been constantly persecuted by the authorities for decades. In 2009, pastors and collaborators, including Yang Rongli, had already been arrested and sentenced to prison terms.


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