Substandard food, insufficient medical treatment for detected detainees


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January 13, 2022 8:58:46 PM

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) conducted a campaign in Kashimpur Central Jail in Gazipur on Wednesday over allegations of provision of substandard food to prisoners and insufficient medical care for them.

During the drive, the ACC’s law enforcement unit headed by its deputy director Salam Ali Mollah found primary evidence that a section of prison guards is illegally allowing some prisoners to use cell phones.

Meanwhile, the team also recovered a cell phone from a jail cell using a scanning device, according to the ACC public relations department.

On January 8, Kashimpur prison authorities seized a mobile phone from Nur Hossain who was sentenced to death in the Narayanganj Seven Murders case.

The convict is a former councilor of the Narayanganj City Corporation who has been in the condemned cell of Kashimpur prison since 2017 after being sentenced to death.

The prison authority has already formed a three-member committee to investigate the incident.

That day, the ACC team accompanied by the relevant prison officials visited the kitchen where they observed that the food had been cooked in an unsanitary environment while the quality of the food was not good no more.

The prison authority informed the team that the food ingredients are provided by the government food warehouse and therefore have nothing to do with the quality of the food.

On a visit to the prison hospital, the commission found that the hospital did not have its own doctors or nurses. A doctor worked on the deputation.

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