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TalkTV and talkRADIO presenter James Whale, 71, has posted an update for his fans as he battles stage four kidney cancer. The presenter was filmed from a chair in hospital with an IV in his right hand and visible dark bruises running up the lower half of his left arm.

James appeared in good spirits as he rubbed his hands and started talking to his 80,000 Twitter followers about his treatment.

The veteran DJ explained, “So here I am in the hospital and I’m ready for the first of the trials to see what happens.”

While showing the IV on the back of his hand, James continued, “They’re cleaning it right now with saline.

“It’s going to take about an hour for this IV – you have to find the right words – to be put in place, then I’ll take a little break.

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“I’m afraid 20 years ago you had kidney cancer. Well, looks like it probably came back. You have a kidney tumour”.

“And I was like, ‘OK, well, 20 years later, I’ll have to start all over again’. And then she said, ‘I’m sorry. Unfortunately, it has spread. You have small lesions in your brain and your lungs, in your spine, in your pituitary gland”.

He added to The Sun that his heartbreaking initial reaction was to consider euthanasia.

He said, “I came home, I thought about things a bit. I decided to book myself a trip to Dignitas. You might as well go ahead and be done with it.

His grief came after the death of his wife, Melinda, in 2018 following his battle with lung cancer.

In 2006 James launched the James Whale Fund for Kidney Cancer, now called Kidney Cancer UK, to fund research and raise awareness of the disease.


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