The firm advises against self-treatment of diabetes


A healthcare company, Sanofi, has advised people with diabetes not to treat the condition on their own without seeing a doctor.

Sanofi chief executive Folake Odediran revealed it on Monday in commemoration of World Diabetes Day 2022.

Odediran said it was important for people to be properly informed about diabetes in order to get proper treatment at primary health care centres.

She said: “Diabetes is a major health issue, not only because of its economic impact, but also because of its impact on people with diabetes and their families.

“Often when people aren’t well informed about diabetes, they think they’re going to die soon. My message to them is that people with diabetes should make sure to see their doctor regularly. We have good primary health care facilities and we have good doctors who can meet these patients for proper care, so there should be no problem for patients to treat the disease.

Odediran noted that stakeholders should involve diabetes patients in decisions and policies surrounding the disease, adding that this is not a death sentence.

The company’s medical director, Dr Joseph Muga, added that the care and treatment of the disease needed urgent attention as the number of patients increased.

He said: “Diabetes actually affects young people, so we predict the number is likely to be higher. The most important thing is that diabetes is a big problem that needs urgent attention as the numbers are rising.

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