The Friday Flyer | Alum care bundle for this week


Alum care bundle for this week

Alum doses will be applied to three areas of Canyon Lake this week, including Main Lake, East Bay and the area north of the causeway according to the Lake Elsinore & San Jacinto Watersheds Authority (LESJWA).

The treatment is intended to reduce algae in the lake and will be applied from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. from April 18 to April 22. The Main Lake will receive the treatment Monday through Wednesday, the East Bay Wednesday and Thursday, and the North Causeway Thursday. The cleaning will take place on Friday.

The alum binds to phosphorus in the lake water, dropping the nutrient to the lake bottom and thus reducing algae growth in the lake, said Mark Norton of the Lake Elsinore & San Jacinto Watershed Authority.

“Canyon Lake’s water comes primarily from stormwater runoff from the upper watershed each year,” he said. “Runoff contains high levels of nutrients that impair water quality and threaten aquatic life.”

Alum, the method selected to provide the best results for Canyon Lake, is proven safe for humans and aquatic life, Mark said. Drinking water quality will not be affected by any of the treatment options.

Canyon Lake will remain open throughout the treatment process. Recreational users will experience little disruption when applying and implementing the treatment.

In order to comply with state-enforced water quality regulations, the Lake Elsinore and Canyon Total Maximum Daily Nutrient Load (TMDL) Task Force, a coalition of cities, county and several other organizations led by LESJWA, provide funding to continue alum water treatments at Canyon Lake. The TMDL working group evaluated several options during the CEQA process and determined that alum application was the best option to effectively treat the entire lake in a timely manner with minimal impact to Canyon Lake residents, Mark said.

This alum application will be Canyon Lake’s 17th alum application that has occurred over the years.


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