The Knocks Get St Lucia’s ‘Slow Song’ Remix Treatment


Shots are set to tour North America this fall with other Vanyaland Cannons favorites, a 23-date series kicking off in late September and hitting Boston’s Big Night Live on October 15. remix treatment to “Slow Song,” a collaboration with Dragonette that dropped earlier this year.

Anytime we get The Knocks, Dragonette, and St. Lucia in the mix, well, it’s a track destined for summer playlist action. Saint Lucia’s ‘Slow Song’ effort is absolute euphoria, a splash and a fresh bounce that propels it over six minutes. Not that we expected less.

“Long story short, we wouldn’t be here without B Roc discovering us,” says St. Lucia, “and Heavy Roc Music [The Knocks label] release our first single ‘All Eyes On You’. Our very first tour was with them; we wrote and released many songs with them, including “Modern Hearts” and “Limo”. So to say our bond is thicker than blood would be an understatement: we are basically family.

Hold on to summer as we slide into August and keep the beat going for ‘Slow Song’ below – both the Saint Lucia remix on Spotify and the OG version via YouTube.



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