The Mosquito Authority uses one of the most effective treatment methods in its mosquito control services in Savannah GA


Savannah, Georgia – Mosquito Authority is one of the well-established and preferred mosquito control companies serving homes and businesses in and around Savannah. It is family owned and operated with nearly 20 years of industry experience. The company is fully approved and certified by recognized organizations in this field. Its professional team of trained mosquito control specialists are highly trained to provide comprehensive and effective control treatments for frequent seasonal and year-round mosquitoes. In addition to the treatments, the company has also launched an awareness program to alert residents to the possible dangers of mosquitoes and the diseases they transmit if left untreated. Their non-binding, contract-free mode of operation, as well as a mosquito-proof guarantee, have earned them great customer trust and a good reputation.

In addition to mosquito barrier control services, Mosquito Authority also provides mosquito fogging systems for complete and effective property control. This system is designed to provide a long term solution to repellents and candles. When professionally installing the misting control unit with a nozzle circuit, the system will automatically dissipate a fine mist of industrial grade mosquito repellent two or three times a day. It is effective in killing mosquitoes and other insects or pests. This system is also unique in that it can be viewed and controlled remotely by a smartphone via the iMist app.

In a statement explaining why their mosquito treatment methods are still the most effective compared to their competitors, the company representative said:

“Our unique multi-step treatment process breaks the life cycle of mosquitoes. By identifying and treating the habitat, mosquito larvae and adult mosquitoes, we are able to eliminate pests from your garden almost immediately. We come back every three weeks to remove them permanently. We proudly use the most effective mosquito control solutions available. »

Besides mosquito control, the company also provides other services such as pest control, tick control, fly control, all-natural solutions and special event services. Their all-natural solutions involve the natural option of eliminating mosquitoes by destroying their breeding cycles and habitats. On the other hand, their special event services are designed to eliminate mosquitoes before any outdoor event such as weddings, family reunions, etc. This is only possible when the customer notifies the company at least 24 hours before the time of the event. .

Mosquito Authority is located at 125 Park of Commerce Drive, Suite 202, Savannah, Georgia, 31405. For a free quote, contact the company team by calling (912) 414-2681. Visit their website to learn more about mosquito control Savannah GAand how to schedule a treatment, among other services.

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