Trump was treated fairly by the Department of Justice



“Corrupt democrats are putting our nation in great danger” (reading eagle, September 7) said the FBI’s search of Trump’s Florida home “was a gross double standard of justice.” I have to agree. If an ordinary person had taken 300 classified or top-secret documents, the FBI would have broken down our doors within 24 hours and taken us to the pokey. Instead, the National Archives and the Justice Department sent multiple letters to twice-impeached former President Donald Trump asking for the material to be returned. He returned 12 boxes of documents.

A few weeks later, a senior Justice Department official visited Trump’s estate and returned to Washington with 15 more boxes of top-secret documents. A lawyer for Trump certified in a letter that the Justice Department now has all of the documents that were taken to Florida.

Shortly after, the FBI received a tip from someone at Trump’s establishment that top secret documents still remained at Mar-a-Lago. The FBI requested a search warrant from a federal judge. With the warrant in hand, they searched the property and found another 15 boxes of gear.

Double standard of justice? You bet. If I or any reader stole top secret documents and lied to a federal official that we turned them all in, we would face a long federal prison sentence. As things stand, Trump is a free man.

Thomas Posey
Yardley, Bucks County


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