Video: Elden Ring Main Theme Gets Blastbeat Treatment


What do you get when you combine Hidetaka Miyazaki, George RR Martin and one of the best drummers in metal? I doubt you can even imagine it. You obtain Ring of Elden with blastbeats, and I don’t think a phrase has ever made me so happy to type.

While a number of people here at MetalSucks were upset Ring of Elden (it’s me, I’m the people), the metal community as a whole has also been engulfed in the colossal hype surrounding the game. This includes Rivers of Nihil/Flub drummer Jared Klein, who took on him to add blastbeats to the game’s main theme. The resulting death metal symphony would make Offspring of the Great Apocalypse-era Dimmu Borgir blush.

Seriously, someone needs to write it down in a book somewhere that video game music always gets better with metal drums. Final Fantasy 7Sephiroth received similar treatment with “One-Winged Angel” in the Advent children movie, and while there aren’t any blast beats in there, the song is infinitely cooler and more evil once the double bass pops in. It’s shocking how it works, huh?

So tell me this isn’t the coolest shit ever. I DEFY YOU. Just kidding, I dare you to go play Ring of Elden if you haven’t played it yet, because it’s fucking awesome. Remember that if you have never played dark souls game before, this will be the hardest game you have ever played.

I also challenge you to see Jared play drums on tour with Flub this month. Ring of Elden probably isn’t on their set list, but it never hurts to ask.

3/16 Baltimore, MD @ Metro Gallery
3/17 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania @ Milkboy
3/18 Durham, NC @ Gpazz Music Hall
3/19 Jacksonville, Florida @ Archetype
3/20 Orlando, FL @ The Haven
3/22 Tampa, FL @ The Brass Cup
3/23 Miami, Florida @ Las Rosas
3/24 Fort Walton, FL @ Downtown Music Hall
3/25 Nashville, TN @ The End
3/26, Cincinnati, OH @ Black Circle
3/27 Chicago, IL @ Reggie’s
3/28 Lafayette, IN @ The Spot
3/29 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania @ Preserving Underground
3/30 Rochester, NY @ Photo City Music Hall
3/31 Providence, RI @ Alchemy
4/1 Boston, MA @ Middle East
4/2 Brooklyn, NY @ Kingsland


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